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A Complete Digital Marketing Guide for Dental Practices

Navigating the high competition and changing landscape of your Dental practice through a strategic digital marketing plan.

Your Essential Digital Marketing Guide for Dermatology Clinics

Raise awareness, showcase services, and attract leads through a free marketing plan for dermatological care.

An Effective Digital Marketing Guide for Chiropractic Practices

Build a reputation and trust among potential patients with a Chiropractic Care Digital Marketing Plan.

About the Author

Bhuwan Sharma

Bhuwan Sharma

B. Eng, MBA
Founder and CEO of Blue Kanyon

Bhuwan has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant, senior management, and as an entrepreneur. He is known for his problem-solving skills and ability to launch and grow businesses. He has developed business and marketing strategies and executed them successfully.
He has experience working with customers of all sizes, from SMBs to large corporations, in solving complex business problems and helping them grow their businesses.
Bhuwan possesses a Bachelor of Engineering degree along with an MBA with specializations in Marketing and sub-specialization in Health Industry Management.
He is a certified product marketer and possesses certificates from Pragmatic Institute, Meta (Facebook), LinkedIn, Klaviyo and Udemy. He is also a certified DuctTape Marketing Consultant and Marketing Coach.

Bhuwan is passionate about health & wellness and a strong believer in nature and its ability to help everyone improve their wellbeing. He regularly writes articles and blogs on this topic and they can be found on his blogging site at https://deuraly.com.

Our Certifications

Certificate - Meta Intro to Social Marketing
Certified Strategic Marketing Agency
Klaviyo Product Certificate
Pragmatic Certified Product Marketer
Certificate - Managing Email Marketing Lists & Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Wellness practices can greatly benefit from these complimentary e-books. These guides feature a well-structured Clinic Growth System suitable for health and wellness practices, from small to established ones.
Our E-books cover digital strategies for enhancing online presence, generating leads, and boosting conversions.
You don’t need to pay to download these E-books. They are all available free of charge.


After engaging Blue Kanyon, our brand awareness has improved, we are getting more calls and online enquiries. Overall, our business has grown about 20% based on the digital marketing that they do for us.
Dr. Mahananda Bhandari
MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

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